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About Pics by TOU

I´m a Swedish photo artist and communications wizard.

I have a Master´s in Marketing Communications at Stockholm University. A Bachelor´s in Political Science and Communications from Linné University in Växjö as well. Academic studies in Journalism, Aesthetics
and Graphic design at Bentley College, Boston. And studies in Rhetorics at Södertörn University, Stockholm.

I´m pretty much a selftaught photographer since mid 80´s. But yes. Photo courses during the years taught by great Swedish photographers has been inspiring. And not the least, technically educational.

I´ve always been driven by looking at the world in pics and words. With love and compassion always at heart. Most dearly do photo work with extra energy portraying people and women. In all walks of life.

Welcome to my empowering world of storytelling. In pics! And words!

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