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Empowering you
- with my creative friends!

Pics by TOU has a professional network of truly creative wizards - photographers, filmmakers, painters and creative strategic doers - who also can contribute in empowering you and your company. Together we can hit that extra tune that makes the difference you didn´t even realize you could ask or listen for.

Here are some of my creative friends:

Verena S. Tveitan Waddell

Norwegian visual artist. Bachelor of Fine Arts from Emily Carr University of Art and

Design, Vancouver, BC, Canada. Life in Canada. Today in her own studio i Sandefjord.

A great craftmanship. With special own nerve. And unimaginable details. Urge to

create, convey, entertain, please, move, possibly provoke has given her great fans all

over. Does live painting performances. Work is collected private and corporate


More on Verena here:

Helén Lindqvist

Swedish entrepreneur and general manager of Bolga Brygge in Northern Norway.

Master in Law at Stockholm University and a long management career in Telco- and

IT Business both in Sweden and abroad. A true humanitarian, pioneer and

adventurer with an energy and heart that can take you to the moon and back!

More on Bolga Brygge here:



PS. Helén and Verena, with Pics by TOU/Ulrika, has initiated YooWomen. An initiative by three soulful Nordic entrepreneurs and artists dedicated to promote, support, cheer, provoke, stimulate and acknowledge fantastic artists globally, who happen to be a female human being.

And soon to be a global group, based in Northern Norway, Via PopUpArtEvents, funky parties and collaborative work our push and pull is to change and make a difference for the reach of great art to all. In small. And large scale. DS.




Norwegian time-lapse photographer and filmmaker living in Northern Norway on the
border to the arctic. Self-taught freelancer in constant search for the right light
and to capture that special moment. 

More on AgeMagnus here: AGEMAGNUS on Vimeo

Stig Eliassen

Music producer and studio owner living in Northern Norway.  Studied jazz
for one year, but otherwise self-taught. Worked on many projects throughout
the years (albums, EPs, TV, short films, etc) ranging a variety of genres.
Keyboardist in prog-rock band Terramater, and co-wrote, mixed and
produced the album "Protheus". Listen here on Spotify.

More on Stig Eliassen here on Spotify!

Kent Åge Hansen

Ragnhild Angell

Various artists

Joanne K

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